Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blogs To Note (Apologies to Blogger)

I love going through blogs. I navigate through the sea of blogosphere each night before I retire to bed. It has become almost a ritual. I believe this is because blogs, especially of the personal kind, got a way of touching my life in ways I do not always expect. It was like being invited to step into someone else's life for a moment and then back to reflect on your own. Often, in the process, you begin to see things beautiful in your life that your own eyes were just too clouded to see. It is only sad, that with so many blogs floating in cyberspace, plenty of blogs do not get the attention they rightly deserve.

As a way of testimonial for all the blogs I had and will have the privilege of partaking, I thought of putting up this blog. I would not be offering critiques here, that is not my business. I would only want to give my personal impressions of these blogs and impressions are not up for debate.

We are inviting other readers to share with us blogs they feel others should take time to read together with their own impressions.

Now, allow me to present my own blogs of note.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I find Prashart's work beautiful and refreshing. It stirs in me the desire to reconnect once more to the village where I have spent most of my life. Prashart is from India but now lives in Canada.That is one his work you are seeing. Should you want more of it go visit his blog. It would be nice if you could leave a comment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


His blog is among my favorites. He enjoys a large following. Intelligent and witty would be a fit description of Don. Too bad he has not been posting lately for some personal reasons.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Born in 1911, AmeliaLopez is Spain's oldest blogger. Hits to her blog has exceeded the million mark. In the initial page of her blog she gives her thoughts on the internet. In the succeeding pages she muses on different subjects relating to her life and much more. Her original blog is in Spanish but is translated in different languages.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Does Grammar Matter?

The blogging arena is one big Freedom Park where everyone is free to get in and unload his/her written thoughts on whatever subject he/she chooses to the blogging denizens who may be interested to read it. Writing skills is not required and that is what is great about it. It is therefore ironic that it is this beautiful attribute of allowing freedom of expression to thrive in its written form on a free reign, with no barriers at all, which is also one of blogging’s most sour points. Every Dick and Jean whether his/her writing skills could not register even a score a notch below average on the writing skills scale is free to join.
I would concur with anyone who would tell me that blogs are not formal forms of writing and therefore are expected to have some lapses in spelling and/or grammar. I am sure anyone reading Blogs To Note could point out some error here and there. These blunders should however be as scant as possible if not avoided and should not be allowed to become a recognizable mark of ones blog. Grammar rules are there for a reason. They make it as easy as possible for the reader to comprehend the writer’s message. To have his/her ideas understood clearly should be every blogger’s initial concern. Not many readers would like to invest extra minute of their precious time trying to make sense out of something that is hardly comprehensible. This means that a blog author has no choice but to care about grammar. Not caring about grammar sends the message that you don't give respect nor care about your readers much, either.

Blogging is a craft and language is its medium. Every craftsman strives to achieve excellence in his/her craft. To do that, they must not just be good but be very good in their craft’s medium. I am sure my dear friend, Laurie B of "The Looking Glass", would agree that a craftsman can’t afford to be mediocre in his/her work. I don’t see any reason as to why bloggers should be an exception. Every work speaks of its creator or author. No one wants to make mediocre mistakes when his/her reputation is at stake. Sad to say, this doesn’t seem to register in the minds of many bloggers if we are to look into their work.

English is my second language. This means I have to do some extra effort to get my mastery of the English language at a respectable level. I have to continuously improve my command of the English grammar. There are several sites in the internet to which I run to for help whenever I am confronted by a grammatical dilemma. One of my favorite site is Perfect English Grammar.Com. The site is so simple to negotiate. It is designed to help anyone particularly those who speak English as a second language to find their way out of the complexity of the English grammar. In a nutshell, it is English grammar made easy. If you need some help, Seonaid, the site’s author, would always be there to show you around. All you got to do is send her an E-mail.

Thousands enter the blogging world each day. It has become a very competitive field. In the end, it is the readers who would determine whether a blog is to survive or must be consigned to an obituary. A blog that respects its readers would surely have a longer run.