Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Laughter Guaranteed

Ageing Ungracefully

Go grab a ghost story. Unless you dig ghost stories like I do or wired into the paranormal scene like I am, chances are you would be afraid to go out alone in the dark after you have read it.

What about the teary tale of a technology challenged guy on why he now needs to see his neurologist as a result of strained nerves he acquired from his unfriendly computer which he keeps on swearing he would never touch again only to give his computer another kiss and sets himself up to another round of torture. My bet would be that you would see at least one compassionate reply from a reader who would regale him with his own tale of computer woes. Surely, you won't expect a kind soul to take the wicked pleasure of laughing at the guy.

But not so fast! I tell you. A ghost story made me laugh and someone's wails on her computer misadventure sent me rolling in laughter like I have inhaled a heavy dose of laughing gas. Mind you! I am a kind soul. If someone is to blame, that would be an old lady named Geri. She made me laugh.

Geri Atric, who describes herself as an optimistic senior citizen lady Brit living amongst the Dutch, could tell you stories of the ordinary events in life in an amusing way. She fully loads these stories with tons of humor that is totally guaranteed to send you gurgling out laughter after laughter that could hit several decibels.

It takes a skill to concoct a story with exactly the right mix of laughing spices. Geri does it superbly like humor is her second skin.

Note: I am putting up a wager. Just comment on this post and tell me you do not believe me. Then go read the blog. If it does not make you laugh then come back and tell me so. I would give you 50 EC credits no questions asked. If it sends you laughing come back at least and tell me you loved the humor. Oh! I expect to earn some EC points on this so if Geri's blog made you laugh send me 10 EC ( I am cheap. LOL), will you?