Thursday, July 17, 2008

Disturbed Stranger


One of my favorite blogs. Disturbed writes on the dark themes of life in a way that is intelligent, moving and engaging. There were times when I rooted for her to deliver her characters from the mess they have made their lives into and make them see the light at the end. It does not happen. But on reflection, you realize that in real life there are people who are wandering in similar limbo. People who will themselves to stay in the confines of the dark because for some reason the dark seems to be their only solace.

Disturbed's readers are the kind who are of open mind and are out for good reading experience. That should explain her ridiculously low Alexa ranking. The comments section is very alive where readers engage in intelligent exchange of ideas on the subject. I love leaving comments on her posts. I found it a fun way to view things from other people’s perspective.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Postmen Needed

We need postmen. We need bridge builders. We need links. The invitations must not be lost in the intricate routes of the web. Get the invitation delivered and have one unique soul out there meet another unique soul here. Gee! I made it sound like an ad but on the second thought, it is an ad.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Invitations Missed

Bloggers spend time and effort to get their blogs online only to be lost in the sea of blogs seeking for attention. In posting their blogs, bloggers send out invitation to each one of us to share in their life, their thoughts, their dreams and other bits and pieces of themselves. A wonderful invitation but an invitation often unclaimed. In not claiming these invitations, we let fly the opportunity to partake in an important banquet in life. The chance for communion with one unique soul is lost.