Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Woman Fights Back

My Lymphoma Story

I had a close encounter with lymphoma and I know what an awful affliction it is. I lost a granddaughter to the disease some ten years ago. She was a very spirited and intelligent girl. After placing third on the bar examinations, she turned down all offers to work with big corporations. She chose to become a human rights lawyer instead and distinguished herself on that field. She did not make any money but she was happy standing up with the down trodden as she helped them fight for their human rights. Good guys often do not live long. After three years of fighting for people’s rights, she lost her own fight against lymphoma, only a week before she was to turn twenty eight.

It is thus with great interest that I followed the story of Brandi, a young woman afflicted with lymphoma. She tells her story not just as a victim of the disease but as one who is determined to survive it. Many people would send their sense of humor burning in a funeral pyre when faced by such an agonizing affliction. I would understand why. Brandi would not have any of that. She is different. She lets her sense of humor shine through. I could almost hear her laughing during the times I am reading her story. Her ability to spice the physical pain she goes through with dashes of laughter is a spirit only a true warrior could possess.

This lady is one fighter and I am cheering for her to win her fight.

Go visit her blog if you want to read an interesting story of real courage.


  1. You're kind words were just so amazing to read! Thank you for writing about me and My Lymphoma Story. It is only by the encouragement of others, like yourself, and their thoughts and prayers that is keeping me strong enough to fight. This was awesome to read, thank you so much for everything. I am very sorry to hear about your granddaughter, and you are right, sometimes these things get the best of us. Thank you, again!

  2. Thank you so much for helping us promote this worthwhile event!!!!

  3. I too found her blog encouraging. It's so nice to see it on your list. I myself am in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma as of February this year. I was pregnant and had chemo throughout the entire thing. My blog details my experiences. I like finding blogs like Brandi's because it does help that someone understands what you are going through.